“Happy to cooperate with the best ones”: the unique “Ballet Freedom” will be in the limelight of festival “Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala - 2018”

The outstanding dance group “Ballet Freedom” that can boast of unique accomplishments and cooperation with bright stars, not only will participate in the summer’s most fascinating musical event “Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala — 2018” but will star on one of the festival’s days.

During the festival that will take place on July 19-22, “Ballet Freedom” will host the first of the four theme nights – “Opening Night”.

“Last year the ballet group brought three premieres, also this year the spectators will be the first to see new, excellent dance performances and will be able to enjoy the group’s best creative pieces. Fantastic visual stories are being prepared specially for Jūrmala and performed by 14 professional ballet dancers,” said the festival’s producer Elita Mīlgrāve.

The festival’s guests remember the bright joint shows of “Ballet Freedom” and Laima: the wonderfully plastic co-work of the dancers and the singer for Ilya Lagutenko’s song, the fascinating retro performance for Alla Pugacheva’s “Mary”, the effective performance for song “Moon Stone”. “For the first time in the festival’s history almost all performances of the Opening Night will include “Freedom Ballet” choreography,” said Mīlgrāve.

Like many other festival participants, also “Ballet Freedom” and Laima Vaikule have an old friendship. “I have always tried to cooperate with the best ones. It is a joy to work with such a group as “Freedom” – it is bright, original, professional and very beautiful ballet. Lena Kolyadenko, the choreographer, the repetiteur and every dancer – they all together and every one of them – are unique and wonderful! I am happy that we have met. I am happy that the cooperation has developed and we have had dozens of joint shows! I believe that also in the future spectators will be made happy by the fascinating shows,” said Vaikule.

Ukrainian “Ballet Freedom” is a unique project of talented director Elena Kolyadenko. The performances, the special dance style and the group’s charisma have been enchanting spectators already for more than 15 years. The dancers’ accomplishments include partnership in Macau with the legendary “Cirque du Soleil” director Franco Dragone, cooperation with US burlesque star Dita Von Teese, performances on the best dance floors and participation in music videos of famous artists. Their openness, courage, even certain impudence is admirable. The ballet phenomenon is constant experimenting.

Ballet director Lena Kolyadenko: “To touch the souls of our spectators – it is our main mission on the stage. For all 15 years we have been learning to work so that spectators trust us, open up and become our friends. It is not easy. But that is why it is interesting.”

During every Ballet Freedom performance, dancers, using refined movements, flexible bodies, true emotions and open feelings, are playing their roles. They fascinate us from the first second and it seems that you are holding your breath in order not to lose the slightest moment of this magic, while the dancers are telling their story.

We would like to remind that Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala — 2018” will take place at Concert Hall Dzintari in Jūrmala on July 19-22. The festival will have four wonderful concerts. This year’s novelty is name and theme for every night. The audience will see the Opening Night, the Love Night, the Night of the Hits and the grandiose Gala Concert.